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Working with Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust to deliver success and further innovation as part of Scan4Safety

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest and busiest acute hospital trusts in the UK. Over 17,000 staff provide local and specialist services for the immediate population of 770,000 and regional specialist care for up 5.4 million people. Despite its size and complexity Leeds has stayed at the cutting edge of e-Commerce in healthcare since beginning its partnership with GHX over 15 years ago.

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Today, Leeds also utilise GHX Nexus and GHX PowerGate. Nexus is a cloud-based catalogue system, which facilitates the sharing of standardised data. It features an online data repository containing catalogue information with secured shared access for both Leeds and its suppliers. Now containing over two million clean catalogue items from over 350 healthcare suppliers across Europe, Nexus covers 80 per cent of the healthcare consumables and devices market. 

GHX PowerGate is an inventory control system using barcodes and scanners to track where stock is currently sitting, what stock needs to be used for which procedure and what stock needs replenishment. PowerGate has also facilitated the track, trace and recall of care-critical items. Using PowerGate, Leeds has become one of the largest users of inventory management in the NHS.