Access Health Care: CareSnap Wound Management

Access Health Care identified problems with recording wounds or moles due to issues with digital cameras, images not uploading properly or being of poor quality, and the need for significant note taking. As a solution it created an app – CareSnap – which allows patients and healthcare professionals to review the development of a wound or mole.

Information can be viewed from any device and the app incorporates a record of patient consent. Use of this app resulted in nearly 16 per cent more practice nurse appointments becoming available – equating to 709 annually at a single practice – as well as prevention of 132 to 168 unnecessary GP consultations annually. The financial savings for the pilot practice are estimated as being £13,000 annually – meaning the app will recover its initial costs within a year.

The app also enables patients to be more involved in and assured of their treatment plan. After the successful pilot practice, the app was implemented in all nine practices run by Access.

Access Health Care is now in discussion with other organisations, including community nursing steams, GP practices, tissue viability services, nursing homes, and a local burns unit.

Read a detailed case study about this project at HSJ Solutions  


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