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When the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence issues guidance recommending a specific treatment, the NHS is required to provide funding for it within three months. Yet the implementation and adoption of new medications is often slow, primarily due to the complexities of discussions between clinicians and commissioners.

With clinical needs having to be balanced with ever-tighter budgets, and the responsibility for commissioning moving to clinical leads at CCGs, those conversations are liable to become even more complex in the next 12 months.

This HSJ webinar, organised and funded by AstraZeneca, will bring together Dr Anthony Brzezicki, GP and chair of Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, and Dr Joseph Mills, consultant cardiologist, Liverpool, to consider these challenging issues. The debate will draw on the specific example of ticagrelor, approved by the European Commission in late 2010 and recommended by NICE a year later, with varied use across the UK.

The webinar will include:

  • How should commissioners and clinicians plan for the implementation of a new medicine?
  • When should planning for a new medicine begin?
  • What evidence do commissioners and clinicians need when they are considering a new medicine?
  • Have the changes in NHS commissioning had an impact on the planning for new medicines?
  • How is the commissioning of primary and secondary preventative strategies balanced?
  • How can cost effectiveness be balanced with clinical need?
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