Global head of health, KPMG UP 7

The highest placed private sector figure in the HSJ100, Mr Britnell has made a success of his move into the corporate world, confirmed as KPMG’s global health lead earlier this year.

Ironically then, friends say he is missing the NHS and are placing bets on the day that he will return to the fold.

Will the Department of Health’s former director general of commissioning and the man behind world class commissioning apply for the national commissioning board chief executive’s post? Some say he will bide his time, waiting to see how powerful the board turns out to be, others that he will not be able to resist the temptation regardless.

His world view, which embraces the importance of competitive incentives in healthcare, and dynamism will, at the very least, guarantee him a call from the DH’s headhunters.

In any case, the man who has declared his ambition to become NHS chief executive for the last decade - yet remains the youngest member of the top 10 - is making sure he is still in the game, announcing a tie-up between KPMG and ultra-enthusiasts for GP commissioning the National Association of Primary Care (see 58 & 60).