Chair and interim chief executive, Monitor (New entry)

Appointed in March 2010, Mr Bennett is likely to serve a full two years as interim chief. it is to his credit that Monitor has kept up with the day job amid the storms around the Health Bill. That much remains to be ironed out about Monitor’s new and existing roles and how to stop them conflicting has been largely out of his control. a low point was his interview with The Times. The paper retracted the quote about the nHS being a utility “ripe for dismemberment” but it sparked fears about a future where competition trumped all, and Monitor would come knocking if you disagreed.

Monitor will start looking for a new chief executive in January. But the bill will still not be passed by then and it has failed to find a new CeO once, so the former McKinsey man could be in post for a while. it is also possible the regulator might need separate boards either side of its Chinese wall with the absorbed Cooperation and Competition Panel.