PERFORMANCE: The Humber PCT cluster has announced changes to end of life care as part of plans to improve quality and productivity.

Cluster chief executive Chris Long detailed the plans to change services so more people die outside hospital to the Hull Daily Mail.

He said: “It could probably mean more patients dying in hospices. This is about reducing the number of people admitted to hospital in the last days, or even the last hours, of their lives. They don’t necessarily want to die in hospital.”

Sarah Wootton, chief executive of the Compassion In Dying charity, welcomed the news and said: “A recent survey found 66 per cent of British adults would prefer to die at home. People often want to die at home because it means they are with people they love at the end of their life, with strong emotional support and a degree of autonomy that they may not have in hospital.”

Other savings plans are being developed in coming months and may lead to a public consultation in spring 2012.