The benefits to the NHS of innovative health technologies are being weighed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence after a study by Sir Ian Kennedy.

He was asked by NICE to undertake an independent review of how best to establish the value of new health technologies.

As former chairman of the Healthcare Commission (now replaced by the Care Quality Commission), Sir Ian worked to improve internal control systems and corporate governance policies within the NHS.

He has also championed the use of audit methodology in risk-based regulation, and has supported improvements in the governance of NHS organisations.

His NICE report was informed by Sir David Cooksey`s Review and Refresh of Bioscience 2015, and NICE’s own Citizens Council, which considered innovation at its May meeting.

Submissions were also taken from interested parties, and workshops were held with the NHS, patients, the public and healthcare professionals.

NICE chairman Sir Michael Rawlins said: “We have regularly consulted on our approach to valuing the benefits of new technologies, and we welcome the opportunity to focus on innovation.”