PERFORMANCE: The west london hospital trust has reported 12 cases of MRSA this year against an “annual ceiling” of nine, cluster documents showed.

A report from NHS North West London said: “The root cause analysis undertaken by the trust has identified blood culture techniques being an issue. In response the trust is providing training to junior doctors, re-promoting best practice at the point of delivery and developing blood culture packs to support improved technique.

“The trust is participating in Health Care Acquired Infections Critical Friend review facilitated by NHS London to share learning, improve practice and mitigate future occurrences.”

The MRSA annual ceilings have been widely criticised for being over-harsh, with many trusts set ceilings of zero.

The report added: “Overall the clinical quality of the trust remains high as evidenced by hospital mortality Indicators. The trust has introduced some significant improvements in relation to health care acquired infections, which have seen the rates of MRSA infection reduce during the year. Close scrutiny will continue to be applied, to ensure these improvements continue.”