PERFORMANCE: A report from NHS North West London said the acute trust was on track to miss the venous thromboembolism target until Q2 of 2012-13.

The acute quality monitoring group’s February report said: “The month 8 year to date performance reported is 27.4 per cent (up from 20 per cent) , although monthly performance has improved to 69.5 per cent.

“Whilst local audit suggests the trust’s performance is in the region of 75-80 per cent, the trust is unable to capture the data on the electronic discharge system which is resulting in the under reporting of performance.

“A high level plan has been shared in draft format; however it does not assure NHS NWL of the detailed actions underway to remedy performance. The trust has been asked to submit plans and a supporting trajectory to demonstrate the intention to improve performance however thetTrust has indicated it is not likely to achieve the standard before Qu2 of 2012/13, this was confirmed at the Clinical Quality Group meeting.”