PERFORMANCE: The west London trust was issued with performance notices by commissioners and has seen the national 18 Weeks Intensive Support Team after problems with waiting list management.

A report from the north west London cluster of primary care trusts said: “In May the trust identified issues regarding waiting list management in oral surgery and neurophysiology specialities presenting a high level of risk to the 18 week RTT standards.

“The trust has since identified a further 178 urogynaecology patient breaches, and Trauma & Orthopaedics is also an ongoing challenge for the trust as a speciality. Performance notices have been served in line with contractual terms.”

It added: “Under achievement against the threshold for admitted 95th percentile is part of an ongoing plan to treat all long waiters in the service. As part of this, Oral surgery General Anaesthetic patients on the waiting list and new referrals are being treated by an alternative provider (Eastman Dental Centre) and ICHT is working with NHS NWL to transfer Local Anaesthetic referrals to community providers where clinically appropriate. 

“In addition, the 18 Weeks Intensive Support Team is working with the trust to refine its waiting list validation programme and will support the trust to ensure that patient targeting list management is sufficiently robust.”