The National Association of Patient Forums has failed in a last-ditch attempt to prevent NHS organisations being allowed to host the new local involvement networks.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals trust chief executive David Law has resigned following the trust's poor annual health check performance.

The ambulance service will gain greater 'political clout' through a new NHS Confederation network. The network will combine the Ambulance Service Association, which represents trusts, with the NHS Confederation's ambulance forum.

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While experienced chief executives can be paid off even after gross misconduct, first-timers are often persuaded to take reputation-damaging jobs at failing trusts. Neither is acceptable - the health service needs to take more care of its talent, says Nigel Edwards.

It may be naive and polemical, but Michael Moore's controversial documentary Sicko reminds us we should treasure the NHS, says Noel Plumridge.

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The deadline for all acute trusts to apply for foundation status by 2008 has proved unrealistic. What now for those that have not made the leap? Helen Mooney reports.

Confidence in flexible community midwifery services should transform current reliance on acute settings, writes Marina Colville.

Raising energy levels by just a small amount can yield great results for organisations, says Rupert Symons.

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