The government's focus on cutting waiting lists can lead to resources being drained away from treatments for those in the greatest medical need, academics have claimed.

Advocacy services for mental health patients subject to community treatment orders are not expected to be introduced until six months after the orders are brought in.

Commissioners have been urged to check the quality of private mental health providers, as figures reveal many are failing to meet national standards.

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Alan Johnson has reached a point in his career where he's got to stay in a job long enough to make a clear success, writes Michael White.

Hurwicz's mechanism design theory helps us to see why Whitehall's attempts to get results often fail, argues Simon Stevens.

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Evidence demonstrates that customising services is effective - patient outcomes are improved and the provider gets better value for money. Angela Coulter and Don Redding argue for a personal health service.

Public health work has too often been isolated from other primary care trust functions. Now trusts in the North West are in the vanguard of efforts to ensure public health priorities drive commissioning, reports Daloni Carlisle.

An inner London PCT with a high number of Bangladeshi people going to A&E ran a campaign which altered attendance behaviours.

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