Sir Derek Wanless has warned that unless major improvements in productivity and public health are made, even greater levels of investment will be needed over the next 20 years. Sir Derek said that major strides are needed over the next three years if the NHS is to make the most of record government investment.

Health minister Ben Bradshaw has called for action over the lack of democratic accountability in primary care. Mr Bradshaw said that it is difficult for patients to influence decision making.

New research claims that trusts with large PFI projects are facing continued pressure to cut services and jobs to meet payments.

Anna Donald weighs up the arguments in the ongoing drugs rationing saga.

Colin Talbot explains the need for an alternative spending review.

The dust has settled over MTAS and Daloni Carlisle looks at what the future has in store for medical careers.

Louise Hunt reports on a new programme that is helping people overcome aggressive behaviour.

Inequality, over-occupancy and mixed sexed wards are all tackled in the latest mental health special report.