Waiting times for children in need of a wheelchair have been inaccurately reported by Virgin Care.

“Significant” software and systems issues have resulted in “incomplete reporting” about waiting times for children needing wheelchairs, North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group’s April’s board papers said.

Data provided to commissioners by Virgin Community Services showed that the company had not met the 18 week target to supply children in Surrey with an appropriate wheelchair.

A Virgin Care spokesman said this data was incorrect, blaming a “teething issue” prompted by a “recent implementation of new systems” for the inaccurate data.

He said that children were seen far sooner than the data suggests and Virgin Care is operating within the CCG’s requirements.

Data from Virgin Community Services, published in the board papers, said 58 per cent of children in Surrey had their wheelchair delivered within the 18 week target between April to June 2016.

This figure fell to 52 per cent between July and September.

A spokesman for Virgin Care said these figures were inaccurate and an unpublished review of the data showed “average waits remain 33 per cent below the contractual requirement”.

However, corrected data for the six months in question was not available, he added.

Virgin Care provided wheelchairs for children in Surrey between 2012 and 2017 as part of a £500m contract to provide community services.

This changed on 1 April after CSH Surrey won the new contract – excluding wheelchair provision.

Virgin Care was given a one year, £2.7m contract extension to continue providing wheelchair services to children, starting on 1 April.

It is currenlty working with commissioners to “review the service and where possible make improvements”, a CCG spokeswoman said.

The CCG is to make an additional contribution of £300,000 to the 2017-2018 wheelchair budget to “support a further reduction in waiting times over the coming year”, she said.

New specifications for the wheelchair contract are being drawn up and will include a target of nine week waiting times, rather than 18 weeks.

The aim is eliminate all waits by 2018-19, in line with national policy.