The second Healthcare Innovation EXPO will be showcasing the latest technology that can help patients recover more quickly from surgery, reduce post-operative complications and ICU admissions and shorten hospital stays.

Visitors to the EXPO will have the opportunity to see this technology in action and to talk to experts about how it could be put to innovative use in their part of the NHS.

The British company responsible for this ground-breaking technology, Deltex Medical, will be at the Expo to demonstrate the implications of their CardioQ-ODM Oesophageal Doppler Monitor (ODM), for the NHS. It is suggested by Deltex Medical, that if ODM were adopted for all moderate and major surgery the NHS could save more than £500 million per annum.

ODM changes the way doctors care for patients having major surgery or in intensive care and is the only technology to measure blood flows in the central circulation. The equipment is highly sensitive to changes in blood flows and measures them immediately and accurately. ODM is simple to use and enables doctors to intervene quickly and safely based on small changes in circulating blood volume and avoid the dangers of reduced oxygen delivery.

ODM-guided fluid management is a cornerstone of Enhanced Recovery, delivering better quality and more cost effective care that allows patients to recover from their surgery faster and leave hospital sooner and in better health than they otherwise would do. Deltex Medical has established a high quality evidence base supporting wide-scale use of its products on both clinical and economic grounds and is working with hospitals around the world to introduce ODM-guided fluid management into routine use.

The EXPO, which is the largest public sector health and social care event in Europe, provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to interact directly with key health and social care professionals including decision makers as well as those who directly provide patient and community-based care. It is also a vital forum for social care professionals to link up with healthcare experts and explore opportunities for innovative changes in the approach to long-term care and the management of patients with chronic conditions.