Revisit HSJ’s five most listened to podcast episodes of the year

1. The unfolding scandal at East Kent

In the summer, one hospital trust saw persistently high numbers of cases, in large part due to spread within its hospitals. We investigated what was going on at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust and discussed the leadership challenges faced by the trust over many years, its ongoing maternity scandal, and how its persisting battle with coronavirus didn’t fit with the new national narrative of recovery.

 2. A tale of three regions

As the NHS grappled with how to recover from the first peak of coronavirus, three of our expert journalists explored in depth the prospects in the West Midlands, the North West and London over the forthcoming six months.

3. The fate of Public Health England

The team discussed the most tumultuous week in Public Health England’s history and analysed what happened to the embattled agency and what impact this would have on public health.

4. What the next six months hold for the NHS

With the health service moving into the summer and its “post wave one” phase, with the ask to resume much normal non-covid care, we discussed what it meant for NHS waiting lists and emergency care “in the time of covid”, spending, service reform, and how the NHS would be run.

5. Why the Cumberlege Review is being buried

Amid covid chaos, a government-commissioned review was published, investigating why mesh implants and other treatments were allowed to harm hundreds of women. The review said failings were “caused and compounded by failings in the health system itself”. The team discussed why this shocking review was being buried by the government