FINANCE: Isle of Wight primary care trust’s provider arm reported a £2.3m deficit for May, £288,000 worse than planned.

However, papers for the PCT’s June 30 board meeting showed that the provider function is still expected to deliver its year-end target deficit of £12.3m.

The May underperformance was attributed to a £163,000 underachievement on its acute contract service level agreement. Although partly mitigated by good performance in medical services and mental health, there was also slippage in non-contract activity.

The trust as a whole delivered a £460,000 surplus in May. Its £9.4m cost improvement plan was £41,000 behind target, but was also expected to be delivered in full by the end of the year.

The provider’s total pay budgets for the month was reported to be overspent by £102,000.