Janet Snell

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    Thoroughly modern matron


    She's making a comeback - but how will the new-look matron differ from her former incarnation, and how loved and respected was she really first time round, asks Janet Snell

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    Jingle hells?


    Being hooked up to the hospital radio station was once considered worse than being tied to an IV drip, but a renaissance in broadcast services may have patients reaching for the headphones. Janet Snell tunes in

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    Local counsel


    An enterprising recruitment scheme is tackling the under-representation of people from ethnic minorities in the NHS and social care workforce by nurturing talent on its own doorstep. Janet Snell reports

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    Trading places


    The idea that nurses could retrain to be doctors might have been unthinkable at one time. But the national plan includes provision for nurses to retrain mid-career without starting from scratch. Some have already made the switch. Janet Snell reports

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    HAZ programmes facing budget cuts


    Funding for health action zones will rise by 37 per cent this year - but some local projects face budget cuts as the government directs cash at national priorities such as heart disease and cancer.

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    Going into labour


    One of the authors of a major report on birth statistics has criticised the government's new systems for collecting health data. Janet Snell finds out why co-ordinating national health statistics is not child's play

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    The short goodbye


    You give 20 or more years of your life to the NHS and they give you a couple of hours to clear your desk. Janet Snell talks to some former chief executives who know how it feels

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    Fleet of foot


    An early retirement culture and dissatisfaction with work have left an increasingly worried government with a staffing vacuum, writes Janet Snell

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    Head to head


    Is the NHS overlooking an important resource by making limited use of mentors? Janet Snell reports

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    'There's such a push for creativity, it's almost frightening'


    Janet Snell canvassed opinion on how chief executives see their new roles progressing

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    Feeling the squeeze


    Happy with their lot or keen to move on? Janet Snell asked middle managers how they see their role and prospects

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    Making a drama out of a crisis


    A dedicated band of volunteers is prepared to put itself through everything from a suicide attempt to a bus crash to help first-aiders and hospitals hone their skills.

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    A force to reckon with


    The NHS's expanding workforce of healthcare assistants needs to be better valued and better regulated, says Janet Snell