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    Navigating the national IT programme - tips for trusts


    Trusts' freedom to manage their own IT procurement is increasing, but just how far does it extend? John Yates explains the finer points

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    Take heart


    wait watcher

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    Mixed message


    wait watcher

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    Do you believe it?


    wait watcher: The NHS is on target to keep its promises over reduced waiting times. So what's that got to do with Victor Meldrew? John Yates explains

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    Time bandits


    wait watcher: With negotiations on the consultants' contract continuing, are there enough hours in the week to fit in all they need to do? If not, should private practice be the first to go, asks John Yates

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    First the good news. . .


    wait watcher: The reduction of the 15-month wait revealed in the latest official figures is welcome. But progress on meeting other targets is less encouraging, warns John Yates

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    Cut and thrust


    WAIT WATCHER: Orthopaedic surgery is the battleground in which the government could win or lose the battle to reduce waiting times. But there are no quick fixes, warns John Yates

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    A poor performance


    WAIT WATCHER: In the first of a monthly series tracking progress in cutting waiting times, John Yates guages the scale of the task ahead - and questions the chances of achieving it