There has been a lot of comment on social media about the second TV. series of highly praised True Detective. Five episodes in and it couldn't be more confusing. With several back stories to untangle, a complicated plot and difficulty in working out which characters are important let alone who are the baddies. It reminded me of far too many inter departmental and multiagency meetings.

What on earth is going on? I missed the first ten minutes of the meeting now I’m playing catch up. Quickly scanning the minutes of last meeting leaves I am none the wiser. It doesn't help that I’m not sure who's who, clearly I'm not the only substitute. The agenda seems to be jumping around, people’s names are dropped but I have no idea why they are important. The chair seems keen for everyone to have a say and some people have clearly come with something to say although the relevance of their contribution is not yet clear. A couple of people seem preoccupied with what’s happened in the past, going into great detail about who agreed what with whom. I listen intently hoping for clues. By the time we get to the last agenda item I think I am on safer ground and able to ask a question without appearing foolish. I don't want people to say he came and didn’t say a word. 
The chair feels this has been a very useful meeting and everyone else seems to be in agreement however people seem to be having difficulty finding space in their diary for the next meeting. A date is fixed but several people explain that unfortunately they may have to send a sub. The chair again apologise for the mix up over the  rooms and says next time coffee and tea will defiantly be made available. 

On my way out I over hear one of my colleagues say to the person she was sitting next to " so just to recap .....did we decide we were or we weren't doing ...." It appears I was not the only one confused. 

Blair McPherson former director, author and blogger