Kathy Scott

Kathy Scott is director of operations and deputy chief executive officer at Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and co-sustainability lead for the national AHSN Network

Kathy joined Yorkshire and Humber AHSN in 2018 to support the spread of innovation across the region. Prior to this she was head of innovation and research at NHS England. Her varied career has included supporting the unemployed into work, measuring the levels of fraud and error in the benefit system, developing welfare and health policy, researching and implementing strategic solutions to complex issues, assuring health arm’s length bodies provide value for money and reviewing management of intellectual property in the health sector.

Kathy also supports the national AHSN Network as a co-lead for its environmental sustainability community of interest.

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    Using health and care innovation to deliver a net zero NHS


    AHSNs are supporting the delivery of a net zero NHS by working with health and care organisations to discover and deploy sustainable healthcare innovations. And by helping innovators with sustainable solutions to grow and thrive. By Kathy Scott and Paul Durrands