COMMERCIAL: King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust’s private patient unit made £4m for the trust in 2012-13, board papers reveal.

Board papers said: “The trust treats private patients from across the UK and over 50 countries worldwide, via King’s International Private Patient Services.

“This private facility generated revenue of approximately £16m for the fiscal year with a net contribution to the trust of roughly £4.1m. KCHFT believes that there is substantial untapped revenue available to international and private patients from consultants domiciled at KCH who, due to capacity constraints, currently refer their private patients to other private patient facilities in London.

“The trust is planning to relocate the existing 21-bedded private ward to a new 39 bedded private wing during the summer 2014-2015, thus providing additional accommodation for all specialties.

“The reconfiguration of trust theatres during 2013/2014 will also enable additional theatre space being made available to private patients and this, combined with the new private wing, will enable KCHFT to actively market tertiary specialties to an international market. Following the removal of the private patient cap and in preparation of the increased theatre access and improved facilities, international and private patients is actively sourcing additional business.”

It also boasted about having pushed private patient prices up for some specialties.

The board papers said: “in addition, review of pricing structure has secured increases for specialty beds in particular, well in excess of market inflation.”