FINANCE: King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust said the impact of commissioners’ demand management plans had been built into its plan it had seen “no evidence” to support them.

The trust’s annual plan review submitted to Monitor said: “The trust‟s income plan is built upon last year’s activity outturn less the projected PbR tariff deflator and PCT QIPP savings. The impact of PCT demand management (south east London PCTs) and the repatriation of patients to local hospitals (Kent PCTs) are built into the financial plan.

“However, no evidence has been provided for these plans and the trust over-performance has increased year on year by £20m. Therefore the capacity and planning modelling has to be flexible to meet the likely demand beyond contract values.

“The trust has signed up to guaranteed savings in respect to Outpatient follow ups, excess bed day targets and drug prescribing initiatives (off tariff drug substitutes) to support local commissioners at a value of £3.9m.”

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