I see John Kotter's new book, A Sense of Urgency, has surfaced as number one on the bookshelf.

I'll share how my class used Kotter's eight-step theory for the "changing of the time scenario" (for that you'll have to go back to my last blog - hee hee!!)

  • Increase urgency - the clock displaying the wrong time means awful things could happen (like being an hour late for lunch).

  • Build a guiding team - 14 people, plus a virtual friend to help you along the way.

  • Establish a vision - to change the time on the clock as effectively and safely as possible (using any relevant NICE guidelines obviously).

  • Communicate for buy-in - make all 14 people aware of what's happening (plus your virtual friend if deemed necessary and others who may be aware of the situation).

  • Empower others for action - Estates undoubtedly felt empowered throughout.

  • Plan and create short-term wins - getting in touch with estates is always a short-term win, getting them a bonus!

  • Persist, encourage further progress - agreeing the exact time, managing not to let this get in the way of the overall goal.

  • Institutionalise the change - old clock, new time (plus you know what (not) to do next time).

Hit 'post your response' and share your experiences with me!

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