FINANCE: The foundation recorded a deficit of £424,000 for the first three months of 2011-12, against plans to have made a surplus of £11,900 by that point in the financial year.

“Whilst an improvement in the financial position is reported in June this is primarily as a result of an increase in income received although was there some further efficiency contribution,” its latest finance report states.

It adds that there are “still a significant amount of unachieved efficiency schemes which need clear focus for delivery”. “Detailed work across the organisation is essential in ensuring the delivery of these savings recurrently,” it says.

And the report notes: “Due to the current financial position and for the trust to meet its financial targets, the expenditure profile for the capital programme is being reviewed. The majority of planned expenditure, however, is already profiled for quarters three and four [of the financial year]. Where schemes deliver a positive revenue contribution, they will continue as planned.”