Sir Michael Deegan details two high-profile leadership appointments in Manchester 

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1. Why this job?

These new hospital chief executive roles for the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital are our highest priority appointments within the new structure of the proposed single hospital service of the new Manchester Foundation Trust which will come into existence on 1 October.

These roles are unique opportunities to shape healthcare services for Manchester’s population now and in the future through innovation and partnership. We are bringing together two large, successful and prestigious organisations providing healthcare in Manchester and the wider region. These are opportunities to be a part of the leadership of this exciting partnership from the very start.

With direct accountability to me as the trust’s group chief executive, they are among the most senior leadership positions in the new group structure and will be a key part of the Group Management Board. These roles will be critical in shaping our vision right from the start of a new era for hospital services in Manchester and post holders will immediately have the opportunity to recruit and develop their own director teams.

2. Why this trust?

The proposed merger of University Hospitals of South Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust on 1 October will create one of the largest organisations in the NHS.

As a key partner within Greater Manchester Devolution, we are realising our vision of a vibrant group of hospitals; the ideal platform to deliver the benefits of standardised clinical practice to reduce variation and improve outcomes for the population of Manchester, Trafford and the wider region. We are dedicated to working together to improve the health outcomes and the quality of life of our diverse population.

Despite the economic success of the regeneration of Manchester, which is one of the UK’s most dynamic cities, there continues to be significant inequality in health outcomes for our population. We have the highest rate of early death from respiratory diseases in England and the highest rate of smoking related deaths.

Our rates of child poverty are one of the highest in the country and there continues to be high rates of unemployment in the city. Working with partners across sectors as a devolved health and social care system we now have a real opportunity to tackle this position and really make a different to the lives and aspirations of our population.

The new Group of Hospitals will propel Manchester’s international reputation for research and innovation and ensure we continue to be at the forefront of precision medicine. This is a unique opportunity for us to build on the strong identities of our individual hospitals whilst realising the benefits of removing organisational boundaries.

3. How will the role advance the candidates’ career?

These roles are opportunities for existing or aspirant chief executives to operate in senior leadership positions within a large and complex hospital group.

They offer the unique experience of leadership in a new and dynamic environment, at the heart of Greater Manchester devolution and at the start of a journey to deliver healthcare services through a new model of organisational structure.

It’s an opportunity to set standards in a progressive environment with a world class workforce that is working at the very forefront of research and innovation. Success in this role gives you a platform for leadership in systems and organisations of the largest scale and will set you apart in having delivered a new model of true partnership.

The profile and progression of health and social care in Greater Manchester is high and here is the opportunity to operate within a devolved system and demonstrate the true benefits of a place based approach for our patients, staff and our wider population. 

Sir Michael Deegan is chief executive of Central Manchester Universities Trust.

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