A community trust in Yorkshire is setting up an alliance with local GPs and two private primary care providers to deliver accident and emergency streaming services.

Leeds Community Healthcare Trust is teaming up with three local GP federations and the private providers Local Care Direct, which provides GP out of hours’ services, and One Medical Group, which provides walk-in services.

The alliance, agreed last month, has been commissioned by clinical commissioning groups in Leeds to provide a primary care streaming service for A&E departments across the city.

The trust will hold the contract and will subcontract to One Medical Group and Local Care Direct, which will provide the workforce for the streaming service.

HSJ understands providers in the alliance hope to bid for future contracts and aim to sign a formal agreement within the next two months.

Jim Barwick, chief executive of Leeds West Primary Care Network, said the intention will be for the alliance to form the basis of a primary care home model.

He added: “There is a growing recognition, certainly among general practice, that new models of care require collaborating differently beyond the medical model…

“One of the big things [the GP federations] are looking at within the alliance is how [we] work together in a way that allows us to look at things like primary care networks at scale, how practices can collaborate, how we do the GP access fund contract, economies of scale… there is a series of things that fall out of this [alliance] that are a benefit to working of general practice.”