FINANCE: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust finished the first month of the financial year £1.4m ahead of plan, but has identified risks later in the year.

It recorded a £2m surplus but was only planning a £600,000 surplus. Finance papers said it was too early to properly judge performance.

A finance paper also identifies a risk in relation to delivering savings later in the year: “The main risks are associated with the required improvements in efficiency and the corresponding reduction in the number of beds and theatre sessions in October.”

It also says: “If non-elective activity drives out elective activity (as in previous years) the trust risks losing income, given that increases in non-elective activity are only paid at 30 per cent of tariff.”

For 2010-11 the trust has recorded an “underlying surplus” of £2m - compared to a planned breakeven. If technical adjustments are accounted for, the surplus was £5.7m.