COMMERCIAL: NHS Leicester City plans to undertake a procurement exercise to add extra beds to its community based provision.

At present 27 community-based intermediate care beds are commissioned within Leicester City, and an additional 18 to 26 beds are spot purchased from County Leicestershire and Rutland community hospitals to cater for the needs of local residents registered with a city GP.

Board papers from March show the primary care trust plans to increase its intermediate care bed capacity by 30.

The papers note: “A number of capacity modelling and benchmarking exercises have been undertaken over the past four years, all of which demonstrate that Leicester City is significantly under-resourced in terms of intermediate care beds.

“The most recent modelling exercise led by KPMG, followed by significant engagement with clinicians and other health and social care professionals, suggested that a figure of 57 would be the target number of beds required.”

The board was asked to confirm the intention to increase the City-bed base by up to a further 30 beds, incorporating the repatriation for beds currently commissioned within the county.

The papers add: “The impact of not having sufficient beds within the city is significant. Particular areas of concern include poorer patient outcomes, higher lengths of stay in hospital and community beds, increased readmission rates, poor access to social care and GPs (when treated out of city), poor experience for patients and their relatives, and poorer and minority ethnic groups being disproportionately disadvantaged.”