Commissioners have revealed the frontrunners to host elective centres in south east London.

Commissioners in south east London have been examining where elective orthopaedic work should be centralised in the patch, as part of the Our Healthier South East London programme.

The plans, which will still have to be publicly consulted on, would see the creation of two specialist orthopaedic centres, similar to one that already exists in south west London.

Currently the work is carried out at Guy’s Hospital, King’s College Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington Hospital, University Hospital Lewisham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Darent Valley Hospital.

The assesssment process has considered three options on a scale from five to minus five.

Centres at Guy’s Hospital and Orpington Hospital scored 2.15, centralising services at Guy’s and Lewisham Hospital scored 1.15 and centralising at Orpington and Lewisham scored 1.08.

The process does not include a financial assessment, which will be carried out later.

Sarah Blow, Bexley CCG’s chief officer, who has led on centralising orthopaedic surgery in the area, said Guy’s and Orpington getting the highest score does not mean it is a “preferred option”.

When a financial analysis is completed the high level scores will be taken to the committee in common, a joint committee of south east London’s clinical commissioning groups, on 8 November.

A full decision is not expected until April.

Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup had initially been considered as a possibility but Ms Blow said it was ruled out on the grounds of clinical capacity.

Queen Mary’s and the Princess Royal in Orpington had been part of South London Healthcare Trust, which was dissolved in October 2013.

The South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre is in Epsom, Surrey, and its income is divided between the different acute trusts in that part of London: St George’s, Kingston, Croydon and Epsom and St Helier.