FINANCE: NHS London asked Lewisham Healthcare Trust to make “significant alterations” to its long-term financial modelling in July, board papers reveal.

A report to the board said: “Over the past two months the Trust had been asked by NHS London to make significant alterations to the LTFM based plan. At the same time, some LTFM assumptions on developments had changed, with slippage on some of the proposed developments likely.

“NHS London required that the Developments outside of the service level agreement be removed from the plan [submitted to NHS London]. As a result, it was proposed to alter the previously agreed plan and align it more closely with the plans submitted to NHS London.

“The differences between the [plan submitted to NHS London] and the LTFM were highlighted. NHS London had requested that the cost improvement programme target of £14.8m be reduced to a lower figure and that it should not include CIP schemes which related to service developments or income growth from its CIP plans.”

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