Successful bidders for the Express local improvement finance trust framework have been named by the Department of Health.

The framework is aimed at reducing the time and cost taken up in appointing LIFT partners for primary care trusts and local authorities.

Around half of PCTs in England use the LIFT framework to update facilities and to build new GP surgeries, health centres and walk-in centres.

Express LIFT will accelerate the process by offering PCTs and local authorities that have not yet conducted their own procurement the opportunity to select a pre-approved LIFT partner more quickly and cost-effectively from the list.

Local procurements from the Express LIFT framework will be able to be completed within three or four months, as opposed to two years.

The seven approved LIFT partners on the new list are Community Solutions for Primary Care, Express LIFT Investments Ltd, Equity Solutions, Eric Wright Group, Fulcrum Infrastructure Group, Odyssey Healthcare and Prime plc.

  • This week HSJ reveals the winners of the 2009 LIFT Awards.George Farley, deputy chief executive officer and director of operations, community health partnerships and chair of the awards steering committee, said that this year’s winners had demonstrated “great understanding and ability to respond to challenging policy drivers”.

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