Primary care trust budgets for non-acute care should be integrated with all other local care services, according to a manifesto produced by the lobby group London Councils.

The Manifesto for Londoners argues for control of more services, including health and social care being devolved to local government in the capital after the general election.

London boroughs would join up care budgets

The report says non-acute care budgets should become accountable to the borough in which they operate, with central government setting national standards.

“London boroughs would join up care budgets to provide integrated commissioning of all these services in support of choices made by patients and their GPs,” it says.

To “improve public accountability”, the manifesto says governance should integrate with overlapping membership of PCT boards and London boroughs - already underway in some parts of the capital.

“In the longer term legislation would be required to integrate these non-acute PCT responsibilities into London local government, offering direct democratic accountability and unified governance,” it says.

The plans - which have cross-party support in the capital - were described as “throwing down a gauntlet” to the next government, London Councils chair Merrick Cockell said.

He said: “Councils need more powers to help Londoners find jobs, feel safe [and] improve their local areas, get the healthcare they need, and make sure their children are protected.”

The Local Government Association also last month called for more control over primary healthcare.