The head of a London-wide organisation has set out how it will help the region lift its world class commissioning scores.

NHS London and the capital’s primary care trusts set up Commissioning Support for London in response to concerns that they were too small and lacked the capacity to improve standards.

It combines the strategic health authority’s commissioning support function and organisations including Healthcare for London, which is leading service reform, and the London Health Observatory.

Commissioning Support chief executive Rhona McLeod, who joined from Bupa and has been a director at Royal Mail, said she was shaping the organisation into directorates for commissioning support functions.

They include analytic services, for example of health needs or spending; clinical advice, such as pathway design; programme delivery, for example reconfigurations and social marketing; commercial services, for example contracting and claims management; and primary care trust capability development - running specific programmes to improve their performance. Ms McLeod said the plans were designed against world class commissioning requirements.

She said: “There are particular challenges in London and London’s PCTs decided to create this organisation which is all about supporting them in improving world class commissioning.

“We will know we are being successful when we are doing better collectively next year at world class commissioning.”

Commissioning Support for London has taken on about 200 staff from the predecessor organisations. Some PCT staff are expected to work with the organisation temporarily, but Ms McLeod said it was unclear whether any existing PCT functions would move to it permanently in the future.

Although it is largely funded and controlled by the PCTs, Ms McLeod said it would be run as a business to business operation, with the commissioners as customers.

“The way I have agreed with them to do it is to be absolutely focused on the customers and delivery. It is customer driven.”