PERFORMANCE: The number of significant complaints at Luton and Dunstable Hospital FT is “not reducing”, according to the trust’s board papers.

The trust’s quality report for February, released under the Freedom of Information Act, said: “More complaints have been seen recently from patients attending for surgery who report being kept waiting for long periods of time without proper communication as to when they will be taken to theatre, sometimes associated with last minute cancellation of surgery after long periods of being kept ‘nil by mouth’.”

It said the incidents were being investigated.

The report also said a complaint had been received through the health service ombudsman about the care of a young man with disabilities. It said: “The case related to the care of a patient during his final days.”

“The number of significant complaints we have, although small, is not reducing and include some complaints in relation to elderly patients… analysis of complaints and compliments in relation to care of the most elderly frail patient [sic] is being undertaken,” it added.