PERFORMANCE: An internal control report from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells said the trust had failed last year to reach the minimum requirement for information governance set out in the NHS operating framework.

In his report to the June board meeting, chief executive Glenn Douglas said: “The trust achieved a 60 per cent score against the Information Governance Toolkit Version 8, but failed to achieve a minimum of level 2 against all the requirements as required by the operating framework for England for 2010-11.” 

He said the trust had established a “robust” information governance management framework that had been in place throughout the year and “significant improvements have been made in many areas”. 

He added: “An action plan has been developed to address the areas of weakness identified. The trust board is kept fully appraised of information governance issues affecting the organisation.”

The toolkit has 45 requirements. Mr Douglas told the board the trust had agreed to focus on delivering 22 key areas with plans in place to achieve level 2 in all areas by 31 March 2012.

The report also noted issues around sickness absence monitoring, for which it also said action plans had been put in place to “address these weaknesses”.

It stated: “During the year weaknesses were identified around the monitoring of sickness absences and the incident reporting processes operating in the trust.”