PERFORMANCE: The trust’s infection report for January shows it is currently on course to hit its targets for MRSA cases but behind for Clostridium difficile.

It said the trust is currently on trajectory for MRSA bacteraemia having seen five post-48 hour cases against a control limit of six for the year.

No cases of post 48 hour MRSA bacteraemia were seen in November and December.

The 2010-11 six case target represents a 63 per cent reduction on that for 2009-10. The report said: “Achieving this target will take the trust into the current top quartile (best performing) of trusts in England for MRSA bacteraemia.”

But for C. difficile the trust is currently below trajectory. There have been more C. difficile infections this year compared with last year and the total cases seen to the end of December is 49 against a control limit of 51.

It has a control total for the year of 68. Achieving this will meet the current two year target of a 10 per cent reduction in cases.

The report states: “Whilst rates of infection are still very low, we are experiencing significant increase in the rate of infection compared with last year.”

In November there were eight cases of post 48 hour C. difficile infection, seven of which occurred at Maidstone. In December, there were two cases of post-48 hour infection, one on each of the main sites.