FINANCE: The primary care trust forecasts that it will breakeven at the end of the year.

NHS Manchester said its financial position at the end of November was a year-to-date underspend of £258,000.

According to board papers, the year-to-date overspend on both provider service level agreements (£5.2m) and on the undelivered demand management schemes (£3.9m)  are offset by reserves held for activity growth of £2.4m and under spends against primary care and other budgets.

As a result board papers states: “The forecast outturn financial position for the PCT is shown as break even.”

However, the board has been warned this is “dependant on the delivery of a significant level of savings in the remaining part of the financial year”.

Of the PCT’s £30m savings requirement identified earlier in the financial year £15.9m remains to be delivered. While there are plans in place to deliver these savings, the board was told £8.12m of savings are still assessed as high or medium risk by the PCT’s turnaround team.