FINANCE: The primary care trust will need to deliver one third of its £30m savings plan in the last two months of 2010-11 to breakeven for the year, board papers show.

A finance report prepared for the commissioner’s 2 March board meeting shows that by the end of January it had made just £20m savings, against planned savings of £22.9m by that point.

It said: “The forecast outturn financial position for the PCT is shown as breakeven. This, however, continues to depend on the delivery of a significant level of savings in the remaining part of the financial year.

“Of the PCT’s £30m savings requirement identified earlier in the financial year £10m remains to be delivered.

“Whilst there are plans in place to deliver these savings, £6.6m of savings are still assessed as high or medium risk by the PCT’s turnaround team.”

NHS Manchester’s original savings plan aimed to make savings of just £20.1m for the year. The plan was extended to offset a £5.9m overspend forecast by the commissioner at the end of December, and the outcome of an arbitration case, which will cost NHS Manchester £2m.