PERFORMANCE: The number of outstanding patient safety alerts registered against the primary care trust’s name has dropped by 11 in the past month to just two, new data from the National Patient Safety Agency shows.

In January the NPSA published, for the first time, data from the NHS central alerting system showing which trusts had failed to report compliance with safety alerts, past the deadline for their completion.

NHS Manchester was reported as having 13 overdue alerts – the second-highest figure for any NHS organisation in the country at the time.

A spokesperson for the PCT said at the time: “The figure of 13 outstanding alerts is misleading. All but 4 of the alerts recorded as outstanding had in fact been actioned - the information had been cascaded to relevant staff and the necessary work had taken place. The reason that they show as outstanding in the CAS data is solely due to an administrative delay in updating the information on the system. The four remaining were also actioned before the end of January as the February figures will show.”

Newly published figures show that at 17 February Manchester had two overdue alerts, both of which had their completion deadlines in December.