WORKFORCE: The foundation trust has remained ranked among the worst in the England for more than a third of the measures tracked by the annual NHS staff survey, the newly published 2011 results show.

CMFT was ranked among the bottom 20 per cent of acute trusts for 14 of the 38 “key findings” in the survey.

Measures where CMFT’s results were among the worst in England included:

  • Percentage of staff feeling satisfied with the quality of work and patient care they are able to deliver
  • Percentage agreeing that their role makes a difference to patients
  • Percentage feeling valued by their work colleagues
  • Quality of job design
  • Work pressure felt by staff
  • Support from immediate managers No change
  • Percentage suffering work-related stress in last 12 mths
  • Percentage saying hand washing materials are always available
  • Percentage experiencing physical violence from staff in last 12 mths
  • Perceptions of effective action from employer towards violence and harassment
  • Staff job satisfaction
  • Staff motivation at work

The areas where CMFT was ranked among the best in the country were:

  • Percentage receiving job-relevant training, learning or development in last 12 mths
  • Percentage appraised in last 12 mths
  • Percentage appraised with personal development plans in last 12 mths
  • Percentage receiving health and safety training in last 12 Mths
  • Percentage suffering work-related injury in last 12 mths
  • Percentage reporting errors, near misses or incidents witnessed in the last mth

2011 NHS Staff Survey

20 March 2012