The leech has long been recognised as the doctor's friend. Now another swamp creature is crawling to the forefront of healthcare.

"Alligators could become a vital weapon in the war against deadly hospital superbugs," reported the Daily Mirror. Scientists say a protein in alligator blood could help battle infection.

Meanwhile, The Independent on Sunday claimed many trusts fell short on MRSA checks, after carrying out its own survey. Few trusts "screen staff for infection, or keep records of the number of employees with MRSA", the paper said.

Elsewhere, there was ample coverage of the Healthcare Commission's report on complaints.

The Daily Mail went in with all guns blazing: "Tens of thousands of patients suffer appalling service - but their complaints are ignored by negligent trusts."

Others thought "sorry" could work wonders. "Often all that patients or families want is an acknowledgement that the standard of care could have been better," reported The Times.

The Sunday Express reported on compensation claim figures. "One hundred medical blunders in hospitals last year cost the NHS a shameful£500m," it said.

Finally, staff at the private King Edward VII Hospital in London must have breathed a sigh of relief after Prince Philip checked out three days after being admitted with a chest infection.

He "grumbled" about going to hospital, claimed a Palace insider quoted in The Daily Telegraph. "He was not visited by a single member of his family," added the Daily Mail. "But aides said it was 'just the way he liked it'."