Just when the managers at Royal Cornwall Hospitals trust thought things could not get much worse, medical staff released a video mocking its performance.

The trust was one of four that scored 'double weak' for both financial performance and quality of services in the Healthcare Commission annual health check published last week. Then the News of the World revealed that staff at the trust had recorded a spoof of pop band S Club 7's hit Reach and posted it on YouTube.

The paper explained to readers that staff had changed the song's title to 'Breach' and 'poked fun at waiting times and the hospital failing to meet A&E targets'. A trust spokesman was quoted admitting that it was 'unfortunate' that the video had appeared on the internet adding that 'it was made two years ago for a Christmas party'.

Meanwhile, the papers gave a drubbing to payouts for health service managers. The Daily Telegraph told its audience that 'payouts of£38m' had been handed to managers during the NHS's 'funding crisis'. The article quoted figures which showed that the average settlement for 124 board-level managers was£308,000 in 2006-07. And it highlighted a£300,000 payment for Hammersmith Hospitals trust chief executive Derek Smith when he was made redundant in June.

The Telegraph article quoted Royal College of Nursing general secretary Peter Carter, who warned the size of the payments would 'send out a really poor message to frontline staff when they see the size of these settlements'.