There's a new hot topic for the hospital water cooler - a website that allows patients to rate doctors just like a book they've ordered from Amazon.

The British Medical Association is "furious", warning it will leave medics open to "personal vendettas", reported The Observer.

Never mind that. Surely everyone's first reaction will be to check out, where the rows have already started.

One surgeon is described as "very abrupt" by a patient reviewer but another contributor leaps to his defence: "I would far rather have a surgeon who did a good operation but was (maybe) abrupt than a surgeon who did a lousy operation but was utterly charming."

Meanwhile chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson's annual report spawned hopeful headlines about the demise of hospital superbugs.

A "jab to biff C Diff" could be ready within five years, said The Sun: "But it will take up to 10 years to find a way to beat MRSA."

Staff at Birmingham East and North primary care trust are testing a scheme to boost fitness but may well object to how it was covered in the Daily Mirror: "Chubby nurses are being offered cash incentives to lose weight at work."

And finally: "Barking mad hospital bosses have provoked outrage by clamping their own ambulances," reported The Sun.

Apparently the vehicles, operated by a private contractor, lingered too long in drop-off bays at King's College Hospital, London. What a wonderful example of public-private partnership.