Freezing temperatures kept most of the press preoccupied this week. By the time you read this, Britain will probably have entered a mini ice age with Siberian blasts immobilising the country - or at least the readers of the Express.

It warned health chiefs had issued a nationwide alert amid fears the freezing weather would kill. But Radio 4’s Today revealed the level two alert meant that temperatures would be below 2 degrees for 48 hours and there could be snow and ice. Isn’t this what we used to call “winter”?

Predictions of falling survival rates in cold and wet weather caught Media Watch’s ear… until it turned out to be Farming Today talking about lambs, not the nation’s pensioners.

Another arctic wasteland was the response to the Health Bill, with much of the media reporting the “will they, won’t they” game over the opposition of the combined royal colleges.

The Guardian reported that Andrew Lansley had described the British Medical Association as “politically poisoned” in opposing it, and the Observer later predicted that he would make major concessions on the bill.

The Economist raised the question of David Cameron’s “detachment” from the reforms, suggesting he has “failed to put much of his own political capital on the line”. The only respite for the government was a letter from 56 GPs in the Telegraph, warning of the consequences of not reforming the NHS.

But we all have the Olympics to look forward to. The Daily Mail claims nurses will feature in one sequence in the opening ceremony as, according to the organisers, the NHS is one of the things “that is unique about us… along with our sense of humour”.

Media Watch has a vision of the watching millions being treated to some sort of routine inspired by Carry On Nurse