Research suggesting nurses are drowning in paperwork generated a deluge of angry comment. 'The managers who preside over this shambles have blood on their hands,' screamed the News of the World.

But it was not just managers in general who were given a hard time. Papers gleefully reported the parting shot of North Cheshire Hospitals trust employee Paul Cosford, who fired off an email to chief executive Catherine Beardshaw, copying in all staff.

"He suggested she leave her 'ivory tower', swap jobs with a nurse and find out what it's like to wipe a patient's 'diarrhoea-sodden bottom'," explained the Daily Star.

But Ms Beardshaw "defended herself in a global email reply and wished Paul good luck", said the Daily Mirror.

Sunday's Panorama special on C difficile probably held few surprises for HSJ readers.

Rose Gibb and James Lee - the former chief executive and chair at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells trust - were keen to stress the pressures they had been under from above.

But staff seemed genuinely upset about their inability to provide adequate care during the outbreaks.

Surprisingly, the trust came out of it quite well - justifying the decision to let in the cameras, or perhaps a premonition that the programme would rather have a go at the government.

Finally, the Sunday Mirror met grandmother Sandra Pook - the first baby born on the NHS.

Her views will be music to managers' ears: "The NHS is a wonderful thing. People in later times just don't realise how much they owe it."