'I would rather be in music than in politics,' said health secretary Alan Johnson in an interview with The Observer's Music Monthly magazine.

As a lad he formed a band called The Vampires and remembers giving up smoking so he could afford to buy Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. And talking of spending money on your hobbies, elsewhere others were worrying the Olympics construction site could create a surge in prostitution.

Health organisations fear the 100,000-strong male-dominated workforce will attract thousands of prostitutes and increase sexually transmitted infections, reported The Times.

Meanwhile, The Independent on Sunday examined fears the government is losing out under its local improvement finance trust programme because private sector partners gain the most from the sale of former NHS land and assets.

There was more unrest, this time in the Daily Mail, where Lord Mancroft, the peer who enraged nurses with his complaints about care at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, was after management.

"They [the nurses] were to blame but it was the chief executive of the hospital who was responsible," he said. "Those nurses only behaved like that because of the lack of leadership."

Author Terry Pratchett, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, is also unimpressed with the NHS. "The NHS kindly allows me to buy my own drugs because I am considered too young to have Alzheimer's for free," he told The Sunday Telegraph. "I could get hold of crack more easily."