Pity the poor chap on the IT helpdesk when the NHS rings up. For when it comes to sorting out the service's new computer system it's not simply a question of switching it off and on again.

Several papers picked up on a National Audit Office report saying the IT programme is four years behind schedule, although The Sun went one better, claiming it would be five years late.

"The question is whether this monster system is the best use of the... resources being diverted to it -£12.4bn can buy a great deal in the way of patient care," said the Evening Standard's leader.

However, there was good news on MRSA, with a cure in sight. "Placing a gel inside the nose could hold the key to eradicating the superbug," said The Independent on Sunday. British-based research firm Destiny Pharma is carrying out human trials. "The potential is quite amazing," chief executive Dr Bill Love said. With a name like that, you've got to trust him.

Elsewhere rows over Darzi rumbled on. The Daily Telegraph reported on doctors' efforts to mobilise patients against polyclinics. "GPs are being encouraged to hold open days in surgeries," it reported. Rather like a walk-in centre.

Dr Copperfield, the Times's pseudonymous columnist, outlined GPs' objections. "One is that we should no more tolerate a surgeon advising on the future of general practice than Lord Darzi would tolerate a GP taking out his appendix, though sometimes I'm tempted to try," he wrote.

Whatever happened to the dream of primary and secondary care colleagues getting along?