There's a whiff of former health secretary Patricia Hewitt's infamous map of NHS-trouble-spots-which-could-cost-Labour-MPs-their-seats to the weekend's coverage of service changes in Greater Manchester.

Insinuation abounded over how local government secretary Hazel Blears and health minister Ivan Lewis had avoided losing maternity services on their patch - proposals both had publicly opposed.

'Blears' backyard dodges cuts to maternity units' proclaimed The Daily Mail.

The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives stuck to the clinical arguments - but the Mail was clearly thrilled with a quote from Tory shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley that MPs who had 'Gordon Brown on their speed dial' were at a clear advantage.

Health secretary Alan Johnson was 'sneaky', argued The Sun, saying the two ministers had 'dodged NHS closures on their doorsteps'.

Ms Blears was 'delighted', it said - but there was a 'bad smell' to the issue: 'Is it really a coincidence both are marginal constituencies represented by government ministers?'

The ministers had been spared their seats by Mr Johnson's decision, it added, asking: 'Are your maternity units safe only if your MP is mates with the health secretary?'

The Express afforded it just six paragraphs, but that was enough room for a 'hypocrisy' jibe.

Meanwhile,'s exclusive online investigation into the care of mental health patients convicted of murder or manslaughter was a hot topic of discussion on Radio 5 Live, Sky News and Radio 4's PM show.