PERFORMANCE: A new improved and flexible menu is being introduced later this month at Medway NHS Foundation Trust.   

The menu change will take place from 15 July and will include all hospital inpatients. It follows a tendering process for a new food supplier.

Head of facilities Jane Walden said the trust was focusing on improving the quality of its patient meals.

“The current two-weekly menu will run for three months initially to enable us to speak to patients on each of the wards, gather their feedback, and then make any further changes as required,” she said.

Improvements include high energy soups, additional soft/purée options, diverse cultural options, jacket potatoes and fillings, side salads and additional roast dinners.

Ms Walden added: “There is lots more we want to do to further improve patient experience during mealtimes and one of the areas we are looking at, with our nutrition nurse specialist, is the development of pictorial menus for dementia and any other special needs requirements.”